School Fees

Fee Payment Rules:

The school fees is collected quarterly (April, July, October & January) for the entire academic session in HDFC Bank, Civil Lines, Prayagraj between 10:00 a.m. and 04:00 p.m. on all working days. The fees may be paid in cash/cheque/demand draft/NEFT citing the student name of the student obtained at the time of admission. The details of fee payment modes are updated in the Fee Rules and Guidelines as ahhathed herewith for reference. 
School Fees should be paid before the due date of the respective quarter as mentioned in the Fee Bill Book. To avoid rush in the bank premises, fees can be paid for the entire twelve (12) months together. Fees once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Depositing the school fee on the due date is the sole responsibility of the parent and/or guardian. In case previous installment of fee remains unpaid or the fees is not deposited by the due date of the respective quarter; the fees will only be collected by the bank authorities post obtaining the signature of the school representative along with the late fine. The fine amount is mentioned in the Fee Bill Book of the student that gets distributed to the students on the first day of the academic session. Furthermore, in no case should the dues be allowed to fall in arrears or else the student's name will be struck off the roll without further notice and re-admission may not be granted. 
Students whose dues are not settled before the commencement of Annual Examination will not be allowed to appear for the examination and the responsibility for loss of studies/year will solely be on the parent/guardian. 
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Non-refund of Fees:
Under no circumstances, the fee once deposited will be refunded to the parent/guardian of the student. Only the security deposit gets refunded in cheque to the students post issuing the Transfer Certificate (TC). Parents must preserve the First and Second receipt at the time of admission so as to produce it whenever the security deposit is claimed. 
Withdrawal Rules:
Application for withdrawal / Transfer Certificate is to be made to the school Principal on a prescribed proforma as provided by the school. No child can be withdrawn until a written request from parents is put up. 
After obtaining the clearence from the laboratory, library and the accounts team;the Transfer Certificate (TC) will be issued after two (02) weeks of the receipt of the application. The TC will not be issued until and unless all the dues are cleared by the parent/guardian.
Parents will be required to pay the following dues whose wards are withdrawn in the mid-session:
1. April to September who apply for T.C. after 31st March of the session
2. October to March who apply for T.C. after 30th September of the session
Transport Fees:
Request for using the school transport must be made at the beginning of the academic session i.e. April and no request will be entertained during the mid-session. The bus fee will be paid for the entire academic session and in case of any default, the outstanding fee will be adjusted as part of the security deposit.
School Fee:
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