Message from the Chairman - Dr. Gyan Chandra

Teaching is not a lost art, but regard for it is a lost tradition. If we analyse it objectively we come to a conclusion that we teachers are responsible for the situation. We have become mercenaries delved in self-aggrandisement  and neglecting the interest of our pupils given under our charge. Teachers should not imitate others and follow unrighteous paths to become rich and prosperous. A teacher is not bound by society. A teacher should refuse to surrender his/her identity to the consensus of social convention. Emerson had to say about teachers that they would be non-conformists and would uphold the integrity of their minds in all circumstances. Today, the need is for a teacher who is true not only to his profession but to his integrity as well. The approbation of  conscience at duty done with sincerity is the highest award and the greatest joy one can ever get.
A teacher is the most important element in any learning  process. The profession is very demanding both mentally and physically and the key to success is one’s mindset and faith. A teacher has to realize that he/she is no longer a drifter. Instead today a teacher is a doer, a creator and a sustainer. A teacher is to be able to recognize opportunities, he/she has to perform and deliver which he.she can do when his/her preparation is sound and scientific. If one has chosen this profession, one should be prepared for the challenges it offers and only then can one make things easier for himself/herself. A teacher needs to be prepared to be stretched to limits since the quality of education depends upon the teaching community. RPS claims education for excellence which can only be fructified if our staff is ideologically committed to this policy.
Knowledge is the first ingredient required for quality education. All teachers are educated and academically qualified but within a few years their knowledge becomes obsolete. Thus it is not only the students but also the teachers who should be prepared to go through the process of learning so that they keep themselves up-to-date. One is getting information from various sources which by itself has no meaning. It will have to be digested so that it becomes knowledge. Then knowledge should get transformed into wisdom where one utilizes the knowledge for good purposes, for his/her welfare and for the welfare of the society. Wisdom is knowledge tempered with judgment. These three stages will have to be kept in mind.
Attitude is the second important factor. Our commitment to the profession and belongingness to the institution will play most significant role in the growth of our institutions. We the grownups are accustomed to certain styles of living and modes of thinking but now you have to adjust with the school's climate and ambience. These are the challenges you face and you should be aware of their dimensions. Ultimately to whatever profession we may belong, our attitude to our profession and our duties will decide our success or failure. Whatever you can do , one should have a sense of joy,  not one of burden. The teacher should have this attitude “I am contributing to building up new India, preparing the new generation who are living in an international time-zone in a global village somewhere up in cyberspace, connected to all other inhabitants on this zone by the information highway.”
Thirdly teacher has to be a role model. Deep down in mind, a teacher must have the conviction that he/she is meant to develop the personality of the students. A teacher has to be firm without being harsh and strict without being cruel. A teacher should motivate the students by sharing the dazzling example of his/her personal life of integrity and uprightness. A teacher should inspire the young minds by gestures, strong words, movements, activities and immaculate pattern of behavior in and out of the classroom. The teacher must set a sober model and project an image of perfection which the pupils will imbibe albeit unconsciously .
Thus teaching is a virile discipline which transforms the young into noble. Wise and great builders of tomorrow who will shine as model citizens. They should also kindle in them a desire to develop their talents of creativity, resourcefulness and innovation instead of mechanically treading the beaten truck of dull routine.